Bluetooth modem connection

The process for configuring your Blackberry as a bluetooth modem varies depending on your service provider. Assuming you are able to pair your device with your machine, here are the steps required to connect on the following networks: T-Mobile – “Blackberry” at first menu @ (800) 937-8997 Username: [blank] Password: [blank] Number: *99# Additional dialing commands: […]

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WiFi on BlackBerrys- General Questions

How do I confirm that my WiFi is on (or off)?  Home Screen > Manage Connections Make sure that Wi-Fi is checked for ON, or not checked for OFF (red). How do I know I know if I am on EDGE or WiFi?  Home Screen > Manage Connections > Service Status There you will see […]

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Media card not recognized?

If your device is not recognizing the microSD card then follow these steps: 1. Go to: (choose based on OS version) a) Settings >> Media Card b) Settings >> Advanced Options >> Media Card 2. Check the following settings (if they are not listed this way, then change to reflect the following: a) Media Card […]

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How do I edit my notification tones (profiles)?

Want to change the tone you hear when you get an SMS, MMS, or IM? Want to change the ringer for the phone? Follow these directions to edit the Profiles area on the device: 1. Select the Profiles icon 2. A box will appear where you can quick select between Loud, Vibrate, Quiet, Normal, Phone Only, and […]

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