Buying a BlackBerry off eBay

Buying a BlackBerry off of eBay can be a rewarding experience and you can save some money while you are at it! It can also turn disastrous, you can get scammed, you could get a device that has already been reported as lost or stolen, or you can get a device that looks nothing like the images posted in the auction. This FAQ strives to guide you in purchasing a BlackBerry off eBay.

Pre-Bid Tasks

1. Check the seller’s feedback

2. Send the seller an email requesting the following additional information:

— Ask for the IMEI of the device

— Ask for additional images of the device

— Ask if the device is brand new in unopened box or if it is used

  • If the device is listed as used, ask the following:

— Ask if the device has a Dead On Arrival refund guarantee

— Ask if the water sensors are intact and have not been activated

— Ask if the device has an IT policy on it

— Ask if the device is locked or unlocked.

  • If the seller states it is unlocked, ask for a photo showing such. You can direct the seller to this FAQ if they do not know how to check it:
 How do I determine if my BlackBerry is "unlocked"?

3. When the seller replies to the above questions:

— Call the company that the device is branded to and have them check the IMEI to make sure it is not stolen or lost

— Have them check to see if the PIN and IMEI have been released

4. If you are satisfied with the seller and the responses then place your bid.

  • Most sellers will have no problem sending this additional information. If they fail to reply or fail to answer all the questions then it might be best to avoid this seller no matter how cheap the device is.

I received the device, now what?

1. If the device was sold as unlocked then check to confirm it is unlocked:

 How do I determine if my BlackBerry is "unlocked"?

2. If the device is locked and you wish to have it unlocked then follow the FAQ:

 How do I unlock my BlackBerry?

3. Check to see if the device has an IT policy on it:

 Options >> Security >> General Settings
 Look for anything that says IT Policy, often listed under "Services". If you see any references to IT Policy, 
 then it will need to be removed by using the following FAQ:
 Remove IT Policy

4. Recommend that you wipe the device and start fresh (optional):

 How do I wipe the BlackBerry using Jl Cmder?

What to do if the device is not as it was described

1. Contact the seller and demand a full and immediate refund. If they refuse follow steps 2-4

2. Contact credit card company and file for fraud protection or file a dispute with PayPal

3. Report the fraud to your local police department

4. Take photos of the device as it was received so that they may be compared with the photos listed in the auction and with the additional photos you previously asked for

5. Leave negative feedback for the seller on eBay

Additional Information

1. Make sure to keep all correspondence that you have with the seller. This will be needed later if a dispute arises.

2. Pay for the device using a credit card (best) or PayPal (average). Many credit cards have fraud protection, PayPal uses a dispute system where they might only be able to recover a small portion of your loss from the seller.

3. Have the device shipped with some type of tracking number (UPS, FedEx ect..)

4. Post feedback on eBay for the seller and in the feedback area here (listed below) Please make sure to include a link to the auction

Seller Feedback Area

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