Got Your BlackBerry Wet?

What to do if you suspect liquid or moisture damage?

1. Do not attempt to turn on your BlackBerry. Remove the battery immediately!!

2. Let the device dry in a warm, dry place for 3 to 5 days* (see below)

3. DO NOT “check it each day” by placing the battery in. Leave it be to dry completely. This takes time. Replacing the battery to check it only hurts (moisture + electrical current = disaster).

3. If the device is warm, let it cool to room temperature.

4. After enough time, reassemble the device and put battery back in.

  • Suggestions on drying your BlackBerry in a warm place (open, with the battery out):
    • On top of any dry heat emitting electronic component: TV cabinet or CRT, LCD, cable TV/Satellite converter box or plasma monitor
    • On the dashboard of your car on a sunny day
    • Place the BB in a sealed container of dry UNcooked rice, and then place in any of the locations mentioned above.

Water Damage Indicator: Sometimes, your device will show water damage by check the water damage indicator inside the housing. You are looking for a small 1/8″ square sticker, which should be white. Complete liquid damage will turn the sticker pink or red.

NOTE: a device that has gotten simply “moist”, say in a steamy or highly humid environment may never show a red or pink sticker, but it will remain white while the keys or the trackball/trackpad of the device will cease working. So, the liquid damage indicator is only of importance to determine if the device has been complete dunked, submerged, rained upon, or such severe wetness.

A battery sticker with a red or pink line or XXX across it, is ok, it is dry. Again, if it is solid pink, red or black, it has gotten wet.

Images of a DRY water damage indicator:

8830water 8900water

Image of a WET water damage indicator:



OPTIONAL: Follow the disassembly instructions: (not required but recommended. At the minimum, try to remove just the plastic casing covering the BlackBerry – this is the major helpful part.)

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