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8700 Tips

Q: On my 8700 when the phone rings the volume is very low and I have it set to the maximum allowed, how can I fix this? A: This is a known issue and will hopefully be fixed with a later OS Update. Until then, place a call using the speaker phone and turn the […]

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8700 Disassembly

Disassembly of BlackBerry 8700R Instructions Written, and created by Tom Glogowski (Guess) of Photos updated by Brandon (BBswany) of Important! Please be sure you have the proper tools for this disassembly, as well as a dust free environment you can create. I recommend that latex gloves be used to prevent fingerprints from showing […]

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Home Screen Shortcuts

These shortcuts only work on full QWERTY keyboard models (87xx, 88xx, 83xx, etc.) To allow these short cuts to work, you must have “Dial from Home Screen” set to “No” (go to Phone dialer > Options > General Options.) Also note that you only need to tap the key to get these applications – if […]

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8700 Device Models

The 8700 series BlackBerry is available from nearly every provider. Each phone includes the typical BlackBerry applications such as web browser, SMS, email, phone, MMS and full qwerty keyboard technologies to deliver a full and complete BlackBerry experience 8700c Cingular’s BlackBerry 8700c is a sleek and stylish all-in-one (phone, email, web) device with superb phone […]

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How to Add Themes

Adding Themes to 7100, 7200 and 8700 Devices Running 4.0 Software Thanks to Jibi of for compiling this tutorial * Note: First and foremost, many thanks to all of the people involved with laying the groundwork for the public consumption of themes installation on BlackBerry devices. This includes jaysen jnelson2000 Quite a few others. […]

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