WiFi on BlackBerrys- General Questions

How do I confirm that my WiFi is on (or off)? 

  • Home Screen > Manage Connections

Make sure that Wi-Fi is checked for ON, or not checked for OFF (red).

How do I know I know if I am on EDGE or WiFi? 

  • Home Screen > Manage Connections > Service Status

There you will see whether you are using your carrier or WiFi.

Will my regular Push email work on the WiFi without getting a BlackBerry Data Plan? 

  • You must have a Data Plan (BIS or BES service) to get Push email.

Will my GMail work on the WiFi without getting a BlackBerry Data Plan? 

  • You must have a Data Plan (BIS or BES service) for GMail to connect to the Google servers.

Where do I find my the MAC address for my BB 

Two ways:

  • On your BlackBerry, go to Options > Status.
  • On your BlackBerry, HOLD down the ALT key, while type E A C E.

Why don’t I have the “UMA” signal on my WiFi BlackBerry? 

  • If you did a full restore from your old BB to the new 8320, or used the Switch Device Wizard in Desktop Manager to move to the 8320, you likely carried over some old settings that don’t apply on the 8320 BlackBerry. Follow these steps to fix it, AND save your old contacts, messages, etc.

1. Make a complete back-up of your old BlackBerry using Desktop Manager. Note the name of that backup file (*.ipd).

2. Remove your old BB from the USB.

3. Wipe your Curve 8320 using Options > Security > General Settings. Press the Menu button to Wipe Handheld. This will wipe ALL settings and personal data from the BlackBerry.

4. Plugin your new Curve 8320 to the USB cable. Click on Desktop Manager and Backup/Restore > Advanced Restore. Click File and Open to find the backup file you made in step #1 (*.ipd). Select those limited items you wish that pertain only to your personal data, such as: Address Book, Auto text, BB messenger, Browser bookmarks, Calendar, Memos, Messages, Password Keeper, Phone Log, Phone Speed Dial, Profiles, Profile Options, SMS Messages, and Theme Settings.

5. Resend your service books from your BIS website. How do I resend my service books?

Complete the restore, remove the BlackBerry from the USB and you will have UMA as you should.

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