Additional information on memory leaks on the 8100

Here is some information from **(wireless provider name removed)** that might be of use to some of us experiencing memory leak problems:(Thanks to BobRoss @ for collecting this information)
RIM has identified a design problem with the way that controls within the media application have been implemented. In the media options (“Media Application” > Pick an application such as Pictures > [BlackBerry Menu Key] > “Options”) there are two settings:

“Reserved Pictures Memory” – Default Value = 10 MB – This setting reserves memory for Pictures that the customer may take. It blocks off the memory, reducing the “File Free” amount that displays in “Options” > “Status”. This guarantees that the customer will have memory available and will not overwrite email messages within the memory setting set.

“Device Memory Limit” – Default Value = 20 MB – This setting is a safety water mark. It prevents the customer from placing more than the specified amount of memory in their content store (pictures, ringtones, music, etc.. in device memory)

The implementation problem with these settings is that the “Reserved Pictures Memory” setting does not prevent the customer from going beyond the specified amount of memory. That is to say, if the customer has it set to the default value of 10MB, they are not prevented from taking 15MB of pictures for example. The only setting that will limit them is the “Device Memory Limit” setting.

The 20MB default value for this setting is a bit high as typically after loading the handheld software, the memory available is about 20MB. If the customer has a number of contacts, calendar entries, tasks, memopad items, emails, etc… they could have less than 20MB available. This means, with the default settings, the customer could fill their content store to the point that Low Memory Manager activates in an attempt to free up new space by deleting emails and call logs. If approached by a customer in this situation, please recommend that they reduce the “Device Memory Limit” setting to it’s lowest value of 12MB. It is recognized that even this value is high, and the values (including the defaults) are being adjusted in future releases of handheld software.