Voice memo

The Blackberry 8100 does not include a voice memo feature. But you can use the Send Voice Note app for a simple and quick way to input voice notes. Here’s what to do:

1: Make an address book entry with the first name of “Voice Memo”. Enter only a dummy email address into the Voice Memo entry. Use something@example.com

2: Open the Send Voice Note application. Click OK to record your note. When finished, click the Pearl and then click Send as MMS. Find and select your Voice Memo address book entry created above. You can enter a subject if you want to note what the voice memo is about, but you don’t have to. Click the pearl, scroll down one and click Save Draft.

Your voice note is now available in the Messages application. It’s timestamped, labeled as a Voice Memo, and shows the subject you entered above. To play it, just open it and click Play.

When you want to record another voice memo, your Voice Note address book entry should be pre-selected so you can just click on it without having to find it again.