How do I block certain types of incoming messages?

How-To :: Block certain types of messages from being delivered to the device.

1. Open BlackBerry Manager.

2. Highlight the Domain in the left pane.

3. Choose the Global tab at the top of the right-pane.

4. Click the Edit Properties link in the right pane.

5. In the Global Properties window, choose IT Policy in the left pane.

6. Highlight IT Policies in the right pane, and click the Browse button […] to bring up a list of policies.

7. In the IT Policies window, choose an IT Policy and press the Properties button.

8. In the selected policy window, choose Security Policy Group in the left pane.

9. In the right pane, highlight Firewall Block Incoming Messages, and click the Browse button […]

         Place check mark in the checkbox associated with each message type you wish to block.
         Checked message types will not be delivered to the Blackberry device.

10. Apply all changed settings. Close windows.

11. Resend IT policy to user’s device. (Or wait until IT Policy is automatically resent.)

  • NOTE: Policy settings above only apply to devices to Handheld OS 4.2.0 or higher.

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