My device is on a BES …

Can I still receive personal e-mail using BIS on my BlackBerry?

Yes, but with strings attached. A better answer is… it depends.
You can visit the BIS site for your provider and set up additional e-mail accounts.
Depending on the IT Policy on your device, you may not be able to receive messages.
If you can receive messages, you may not be able to reply to them properly. See below. While technically possible, your company usage policy may prohibit you from doing this.

Why can’t I install third-party applications on my BlackBerry?

The IT policy on your BlackBerry prohibits the installation of third-party apps.
There is really nothing you can do about this other than speak nicely to your IT/BES admin guys and find out what the policy is. Some IT departments permit 3rd party apps but only from an approved list or from an approved server

I want to keep my personal mail and work mail separate. How can I separate my BES mail from my BIS mail?

In short, there’s no simple way to do it.
The ‘Messages’ icon is a consolidated inbox, which gathers mail from all accounts linked to the device.
While BIS accounts get their own inbox icons, BES mail does not.
By default, BES mail gets delivered to the ‘Messages’ icon, along with all BIS mail, PIN/SMS/Broswer messages.

Update (9/10/2007) :: On the end-user side, a third-party app may help this issue.
Empower BES Mailbox

From the BES side, the BES admin can make a server-wide change to the BES SQL database which will enable an Enterprise-Only message icon to separate the BES messages into its own box. (BES 4.1.5 or higher is required.)
KB15003 – Turn on or turn off the Enterprise-Only Message Application in BES

Can a BES administrator read my PIN and/or SMS messages and see my phone call logs?

Yes, if the BES is version 4.1 or newer and the device is o/s code 4.1 or later. – Starting with BES 4.1, the BES admin can log all PIN and SMS messages to the BES server, including the content of those messages.
BlackBerry Messenger messages and conversations can also be audited by the BES administrator.
In addition the administrator can view all phone calls made/received to the device including date/time number dialled and the name of the person you are calling or have called you if that name is listed in your contact list

Why can’t I receive PIN messages and/or BlackBerry Messenger messages from my friends?

Since you’re on a BES, it’s possible that your BES administrator has set up a peer-to-peer encryption key.
This will only allow you to receive PIN messages from other BlackBerry devices within your organization.
Users outside of yor BES environment will not be able to communicate with your device via PIN messaging.

I receive my personal email on my corporate BlackBerry, but when I reply to personal messages, the response is sent from my corporate e-mail account. Why?

Your device is likely strapped with an IT policy which causes this behavior.
IT policies can be set by your BES admin which force replies to BIS mail to go through your BES account.
Your BES admin can read these replies.

I want to switch to a new device. Will the BES admin know that I have a different handheld?

Yes, the BES admin can see what type of equipment you are using. It’s possibel to restrict the devices that are supported via a BES so if you try to activate a device thats not supported it might not completed activation

Why do messages sent from my desktop email system show up on my BlackBerry?

Your ‘Folder Redirection’ settings are configured to redirect your ‘Sent’ folder to the handheld.
This is an option you can change if you wish.
1. Go into Messages, click trackwheel, choose Options.
2. Choose Email Settings.
3. On the Email Settings screen, click trackwheel and choose ‘Folder Redirection’.
4. Expand your Desktop folder list, and UNCHECK your ‘Sent’ folder.
5. Click trackwheel and choose Save.

How can I determine if there is a RIM or carrier service outage?

You may wish to determine if there is general outage of BIS/BES service in your area, either with your specific carrier, or with RIM in general., info on BB Network outages You may subscribe to this list or view te RSS feed and archives of past messages pertaining to service outages.