How do I reset my message counter to clear, or zero?

If you have an errant voicemail waiting icon on your homescreen:

  • Call your voicemail and clear the message.
  • Call your BB from another line and leave a message. From you BB, call your voicemail and clear and delete your messages.
  • If the above fails, pull your battery to reset and reboot your BlackBerry.

If you have a rogue New Message icon on your Homescreen, or a negative count (-1), any one of these solutions could clear it, or reset it to zero:

Try these options:

  • Hard Reset the BlackBerry by holding ALT, CAP (right Shift key), and DEL (or pulling out and reinserting the battery)
  • View Messages > Saved Messages
  • View Messages > View Folders, check each folder (missed calls, SMS in and out boxes, MMS in and out boxes, Saved, browser, phone logs etc)
  • Scroll to top of message folder, over the date heading, click or press menu to MARK PRIOR OPEN
  • Change your theme and see if it persists, and change back to your desired theme. (Options > Theme > select.)
  • In some models, you can click on the actual indicator itself (touchscreen devices simply touch the indicator bar, non touchscreen devices, scroll up to the touchscreen bar and click on it). It should bring down a list of active notifications. If the notification is present, click on it and this should remove the notification.
  • Wipe and reload your OS.

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