My Email Stopped Arriving

Has your email stopped arriving to the device? Follow these steps to restore the service books to the device:

  • Note: You may wish to determine if there is general outage of BIS/BES service in your area, either with your specific carrier, or with RIM in general.

Step One – Hard Reboot:

1. Remove battery from the device

2. Leave the battery out for at least 30 seconds

3. Replace battery and let the device reboot

Step Two – Register on Network: (if step one did not solve issue)

1. From the device go to Options

2. Select Advanced Options

3. Select Host Routing Table

4. Select menu, then ‘Register Now’

hrt hrt1
hrt2 hrt3

Step three – Send Service Books: (if step two did not solve issue)

1. Log into your providers BIS site

2. Click the link to resend the service books.
Here is the global list of BIS carrier sites:

 Global BIS List

Carrier specific links: (If your carrier is not listed please click the global link above)

 Cingular BIS Log In
 Nextel BIS Log In
 Rogers BIS Log In
 Sprint BIS Log In
 T-Mobile BIS Log In
 Verizon BIS Log In

For example, on T-Mobile:

a) Log into your my T-Mobile account and select ‘Setup BlackBerry Internet Email’

b) Select (left menu box) ‘Service Books’

c) Select ‘Send Service Books’

Step Four – Call Service Provider: (if all of the above fail)

1. Call your provider and have them check the provisioning of your account.