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IGT S+ S-Plus Slot machine RAM & BV Bill Validator clear set chip SP731 & EEPROM For Sale

IGT S+ S-Plus Slot machine RAM & BV Bill Validator clear set chip SP731 & EEPROM
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IGT S+ S-Plus Slot machine RAM & BV Bill Validator clear set chip SP731 & EEPROM:

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IGT S-PLUS CPU RAM CLEAR, BV SET UP CHIPS, SP731 chip and the U1 EEPROM.(CODE-61?),(CODE-43,REELSTURNING SLOW -WONT RESET, DEAD/REPLACED BATTERY ON CPU BOARD) If youown anIGT S-plus slot machine, you definitely need a set of these chips (in case you need to clear the ram-or at least restart the bill acceptor.) Also, there good to just have around (in case and you will some day have to replace your CPU battery) to clear your CPU to factory settings. The BV (Bill Validator or bill acceptor) chip is needed if you have one. These two microchips workon S-PLUS machines: slant/upright(double diamond, red white blue, haywire, 5X payetc that require a clear chip when you get error codes that you can not clear with the reset key or when you change the battery)- if you own anIGT S-PLUS-you needthese chips.Easy to use:insert chip in the game chipsocket of cpu,power the machine on and push menu button.SIMPLY follow the INSTRUCTIONS -INCLUDED WITH CHIPS.Works on IGT S-PLUS, new/old style boards (10Mhz & 16Mhz), regardless of which style your using -(upright, slant, roundtop.)-NOTE: The BV chip will not upgrade bill validator to accept new currency. -(chip must be replaced invalidator head). You will receive a IVC123 clear chip and a SET15 BV chip in a STATIC and CRUSH proof container. Please make sure these are the chips you need for your machine. With these chips there is no need to change your jumper settings like some other ones for sale!If you have a SP1160 eprom chip you will need this most commonly used game chip (SP731) to set up your machine for credits properly. Simply change out this SP731 game chip with your old SP1160 game chip.

Also included in this sale is the U1 EEPROM (which islocated on the Motherboard, not the MPU board!). Sometimesdoing a Ram Clear does not always work due to your U1 EEPROM being defective or is corrupted and will not clear the data stored in it.If you find that a Ram clear does not work for you and you are stuck inthe dreaded “ERROR 61 loop” then it is most likely (not always) your EEPROMneeds to be replace. Replacing thisEEPROM requires the knowledge of de-soldering and soldering. Caution should always be taken! You will need to disconnect the wiring and removethe Motherboard! There are no instructionsfor this! Make sure to make note of whatyou disconnect and the notation of notch on the EEPROM. Install the new EEPROM with the notch in thesame direction of your old one! CAUTION SHOULD ALWAYS BETAKEN!

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STEP BY STEP Simple to follow INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED(for Ram clearing and BV enabling).

NOTE: care must be used when handling thesesensitive chips. If the Chips are installed backwards they will be destroyed!

If your not sure if you have an S+ MPU board look at the one in the photos.

Your MPU board must look like the one in the photos!


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