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Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weight Cube -- 1.5" | 2.2lbs For Sale

Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weight Cube -- 1.5

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Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weight Cube -- 1.5" | 2.2lbs:

The Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weight - 1.5" - 2.2lbs / 1kg

  • These tungsten cubes, heavily discounted, may come with a surface blemish as depicted in the 2nd image on this listing. The imperfect surface finish will not affect the weight's density performance.

Perfect for your density needs! These weights are popular in NASCAR, Formula 1, and stock car racing.

In competitive racing, steering and handling can make or break your race. You can find your perfect balance with these weights!

This is the least expensive cost/pound for tungsten on the market.

Tungsten is one of the densest naturally occurring elements. If you like the cube, don't forget to check out our larger sizes.

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