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Set of 26 Toshiba EEPROMs for Unknown Arcade Game For Sale

Set of 26 Toshiba EEPROMs for Unknown Arcade Game
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Set of 26 Toshiba EEPROMs for Unknown Arcade Game:

Set of 26 Toshiba EEPROMs for Unknown Arcade Game. Text transcription of each chip follows:==== Chip 1
DS OBJ-0M5M231000-139P724101
==== Chip 2
DS OBJ-1M5M231000-140P724101
==== Chip 3
DS OBJ-2M5M231000-141P724100
==== Chip 4
DS OBJ-3M5M231000-142P724101
==== Chip 5 (DS1 P2)JapanDS PRG-2MB83512-15223 AK8724 Z00
==== Chip 6 (DS1 P3)JapanDS PRG-3MB83512-15224 AK8724 Z00
==== Chip 7 (DS1 P4)JapanMBM27C512-258651 KR93
==== Chip 8 (DS1 P5)JapanMBM27C512-258651 KR19
==== Chip 9 (DS1 S1)M5L27512K-2705100JAPAN
==== Chip 10 (DS1 S0)M5L27512K-2705100JAPAN
==== Chip 11 (DS1 O4)8703 R14008DS OBJ-4
==== Chip 12 (RBG-6)ToshibaTMM27512D-20JAPAN 8728EBI??? 12.5V
==== Chip 13 (RBG-7)ToshibaTMM27512D-20JAPAN ???????
==== Chip 14JAPANDS CHR-0831000-15566 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 15JAPANDS CHR-1831000-15567 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 16JAPANDS CHR-2831000-15568 BK8722 Z01
==== Chip 17JAPANDS CHR-3831000-15569 BK8722 Z01
==== Chip 18JAPANDS CHR-4831000-15570 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 19JAPANDS CHR-5831000-15571 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 20JAPANDS CHR-6831000-15572 BK8722 Z01
==== Chip 21JAPANDS CHR-7831000-15573 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 22 (DS? V0)8703 R14??7DS VOI-0
==== Chip 23JAPANDS VOI-1831000-15562 BK8722 Z03
==== Chip 24JAPANDS VOI-2831000-15563 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 25JAPANDS VOI-3831000-15564 BK8722 Z00
==== Chip 26JAPANDS VOI-4831000-15565 BK8722 Z02

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