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Nitinol NiTi SMA muscle wire 1mm thick 31cm - 12" uncut 80C Shape Memory Alloy For Sale

Nitinol NiTi SMA muscle wire 1mm thick 31cm - 12
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Nitinol NiTi SMA muscle wire 1mm thick 31cm - 12" uncut 80C Shape Memory Alloy:

Nexmetal muscle wire v. fishing line
This listing is for Shape Memory Alloykind (the magic kind).It is activated by hot water and can be form-treated into any shape you can think of with a small torch lighter.

2mm thick Nitinol 80º C transition phase Slo Mo - YouTube

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[isdntekvideo]People sometimes get the wrong one (the more common "fishing line" type which resists changing its shape (kink-free wire)). This shape memory type can be worked into any shape imaginable, and immediately jumps into its predefined memory shape when heated to 70º C (hot water). Unlike the body-temp variants, this alloy is more suitable for robotics, machines, etc as it transitions more predictably above ambient temperatures.
It comes pre-treated straight from the factory, so if you crumple up a chunk and throw it in a cup of hot water, it will jump out as straight as a ruler no matter what you did to it. You will not believe it until you see it.
This listing is for 1mm diameter, which is 4x thicker than the commonly sold .25mm. Avoid .25 as they are just too thin for any serious tricks or machines. 0.5mm is also available if you view our other listings. See picture for comparison - this 1mm thickness is more suitable for paperclip shapes, etc, as it holds form much better, but it also requires more heat to react since it is thicker. Join multiple strands together to create monster power effects on demand.
If you order multiplequantities we will cut one long section off of the pictured roll so you can procure uncut sections and cut later as you please.
The wire has a lustrous titanium color (dark grey)with a bluish oxide tint on its surface. When freshly cut, the inner core is nickel white. Nitinol is very abrasion resistant and has self-healing properties, so the wire is quite hard to cut and kink. It doesnot require any special handling or protections from oxidation or moisture, and is non-toxic. The only way to damage it is by overheating it, so if you are using electricity instead of hot water to activate it besure to use a current limiting circuit.
  • Type: Muscle wire (shape memory alloy)
  • Activation: 80º C transition temp
  • Diameter: 1 mm
  • Treatment: annealed
  • Length: 8 inches (20 cm) uncut per quantity of 1
  • Multiple quantities will ship together (not cut)
  • Analysis: Ni - 55%; H - 0.001%; O - 0.05%; N - 0.001%; C - 0.05%; Ti - Balance
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Nitinol 0.5mm 1mm and 2mm, 70ºC and 40ºC transition temps - YouTube

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