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Bicycle Transducer Oriduru Playing Cards - Limited Edition - SEALED For Sale

Bicycle Transducer Oriduru Playing Cards - Limited Edition - SEALED

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Bicycle Transducer Oriduru Playing Cards - Limited Edition - SEALED:

Focusing on the culture and oriental style of Japan, we chose theOriduru as our theme for the design this time round. Oriduru means Paper Cranesfolded from origami paper in Japan. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyonewho folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. Somestories believe you are granted eternal good luck, instead of just one wish,such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. The crane in Japan is oneof the mystical or holy creatures and is said to live for a thousand years!

For the back design of the cards, we brought in a lot of elementsapart from the theme of the deck. We have ALL the pips (including those smallcorner pips) on the faces of the cards customized based on the foliage scroll,a traditional style in Japan.

The colors of the court cards have also been changed to have awarm and cozy feel. Identical jokerswhere designed modernly but with the traditional feel of the folding art oforigami.

The tuck case have also been modernly designed. On the front ofthe tuck case, we uses metallic silver on the black and white design to providea 3D contrast. A double back and ad cardwill also come with the deck. Last, but not least. The Ace of Spades designedwith the theme of Oriduru.

Custom back and tuck case design by k3 studio in Japan.
k3 is well-known for his chromatic and 3D design artworks

Bicycle Air Cushion Finish

SoldOut Limited Production of Decks

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