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UNBUILT KIT - vintage vacuum tube Knight RADIO BROADCASTER & AMPLIFIER repro set For Sale

UNBUILT KIT - vintage vacuum tube Knight RADIO BROADCASTER & AMPLIFIER repro set

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UNBUILT KIT - vintage vacuum tube Knight RADIO BROADCASTER & AMPLIFIER repro set:

Reproduction Knight Broadcaster kitNOTE: We sell two versions of this kit, a point-pointwired version like the original in this listing,
and our NEW, easier assembly, PC board version. See our other listings for that version. addition to the gallery photos, this listing hasextra photos with captions in the body below, scroll down to see them all.

Kit is available with a dual 115/230 volt primary transformer, for people in countries requiring 230 volts operation. Request this option if necessary, otherwise you will receive a 115 volt primary transformer.

This is a custom produced kit, andhas up to a 15 business day handling time before shipping.

Kit does not include tubes. a BONUS audio input board!

The Knight Broadcaster was meant to be used with low level microphone inputs. High level signals will distort the output, unless the input is attenuated. To ease this problem, as well as improve connectivity to audio sources, we have designed an accessory input control board. The kit includes a small 2-3/8 x 2-3/8 PC board (same blue color), to allow easy connection of bare wire, RCA, or 3.5mm jack inputs! The board also features an isolation transformer, if you experience hum problems. Seephotos in listing below. is a reproduction kit of the Knight Wireless Broadcaster - Amplifier.Three tube design, transmits your mono voice or music signalto any standard AM radio receiver using a microphone (not included), or high level inputs. High level inputs can be from aMP3 player, iPod, iPhone, cassette player, etc..The kit also functions as a PA (Public Address) style audio amplifier, and has connections you can hook up a loudspeaker too. This is a customproduced kit, andhas no economies of scale, and is therefore more costly than the PC board version. The kit is electrical equivalent to the original, with several minor changes. Our design includes a brand new, high quality, Triad isolation transformer. Appropriate changes has been made for mounting the transformer on the back, and for internal wiring. We have replaced the selenium rectifier with a modern diode. The kit comes with a prewound oscillator coil. As shown in the internal wiring photo, modern filter capacitors, smaller rectifier diode and oscillator coil, give easier and increased assembly and working room!

To keeps costs as low as possible, the kit does NOT come with tubes. The tubes (two 50C5 and one 12AX7) are common types, and readily available from many sources.

We have gone to great effort, time and expense to acquire vintage style components, like those used in the original design. As shown in the parts photos, the kit currently uses vintage parts, including carbon composition resistors (may be vintage or modern manufacture), phenolic wafer tube sockets,vintage terminal strips, and a vintage compression tuner capacitor. As time progresses on, these parts become harder and harder to find, and at some point may be replaced with modern equivalents. Until otherwise noted, the kit will come with the vintage parts just mentioned. The prototype in the photos used a couple carbon film resistors, but kits will come with ALL carbon composition resistors. The kit now uses black oxide screws to assemble the panels, instead of the costly blue screws shown in the photos. Style of output transformer may vary, depending on our stock.

NOTE: This kit requires good electrical and mechanical building skills, and is recommended for advanced builders. Some mechanical modifications are required, such ascuttingthe metalpotentiometer shaft to the correct length, enlarging the tube sockets holes, etc.. The kit is constructed with individual fiberglass panels for the top, front, back and sides. Theseare fiberglass printed circuit boards, with high durability lettering. The bottompanel is anacrylic or similar plastic material, it's color may vary or be clear. The parts are connected by plastic brackets and screws, as you can see in the internal view photo. Assembled kits can not be returned.

The original manual is supplied as a PDF file on a CD-R. An addendum assembly fileis supplied as a RTF file on the CD-R. Note we do not supply copies of manuals. Kit must be in original, unbuilt condition for refund. Original shipping cost not refundable. The kit is only for sale people with experience building and operated line powered devices. The kit must be operated under FCC Part 15 regulations at all times. This unit must only be operated with the supplied line isolation transformer. Not for sale to, or use by minors.

The sellermakes no representation of any item(s) sold to be fit for a particular purpose and assumes no liability for its use or misuse. It is assumed that the unit(s) will be installed and operated by qualified personnel. The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the item(s). Not for sale to, or use by minors.

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NOTE: The flat and reflective surfaces cause some reflections in the photos.
Vertical 'lines' on the front panel are reflections from the corrugated cardboard
the unit was photographed on.

With fiberglass panels and stainless steel hardware, your kit will look good formany years!
Kit now features black oxide panel connecting screws, not blue screws shown in photos.

Modern filter capacitors, rectifier diode and smaller coil, give increased working room.
Kit now uses PC mount RCA jacks, see text.

Vintage components

Brand new in box isolation transformer. Kit is available with a dual 115/230 volt primary transformer, for people in countries requiring 230 volts operation. Request this option if necessary, otherwise you will receive a 115 volt primary transformer.

CD-R with original manual, and addendum instruction file.

Accessory input control board now included with kit.

Board provides RCA, 3.5mm jack, and screw terminal input connections,
level control, and isolation transformer.Board can easily mount to panels if desired, see above and below photos.

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