Thermometer K-type M6 Probe Thermocouple High Temperature Industrial Sensor For Sale

Thermometer K-type M6 Probe Thermocouple High Temperature Industrial Sensor

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Thermometer K-type M6 Probe Thermocouple High Temperature Industrial Sensor:

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1.Description: Sensing the ambient temperature with a K-type thermocouple and displaying it on the display. 2.Features: 1>.Use industrial grade K-Type sensor; 2>.LED display; 3>.Measuring temperature range is wide; 4>.With temperature compensation function.Effectively avoids the influence of ambient temperature on the sensor, and the temperature measurement is more accurate. 5>.High precision detection; 3.Parameters: 1>.Product name: K-Type High Temperature Thermometer; 2>.Work voltage:DC 4.0V-28V; 3>.Temperature type:Celsius; 4>.Measure range:-60℃~999℃; 5>.LED Display:Red 3Bit; 6>.Length of sensor:0.5meter; 7>.Measurement accuracy:1℃(It is 0.1℃ when temperature is -9.9~9.9℃); 8>.Size for display:48*29*26mm; 4.Use steps: 1>.Connect sensor to display screen in right terminal; 2>.Place the sensor in the correct position; 3>.Connect to power supply white socket.Pay attention to the connect direction; 5.Application: 1>.Industrial temperature measurement; 2>.Measurement of temperature in the life; 3>.It can be embedded in an instrument to measure certain specific temperatures; 4>.Applied to the measurement of boilers, air, liquids, etc; 5>.Production workshop; 6>.Vegetable cultivation. 6.Note: 1>.Sensor wire should not be connected incorrectly. 2>.Power wire attention direction 7.Package: 1>.1pcs K-Type High Temperature Thermometer; 2>.1pcs K-Type Thermocouple ; 3>.1pcs 15cm 2P XH2.54-2P Cable; Review:
Great thermocouple.I am very pleased with this purchase.Measurements from -60 to 999 degrees Celsius.
Food from 4 to 28 volts of a direct current.The remote thermocouple sensor is made very convenient. Its length is 46 cm, at the end of the bolt, the wires are in heat-resistant insulation.The measurements are accurate.

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