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Nixie Clock IN-14 Retro Steampunk. RCA 552 With 13 RGB’s. Rgb Lit Ammeter For Sale

Nixie Clock IN-14 Retro Steampunk.  RCA 552 With 13 RGB’s. Rgb Lit Ammeter
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Nixie Clock IN-14 Retro Steampunk. RCA 552 With 13 RGB’s. Rgb Lit Ammeter:

This Nixie Clock IN-14 Retro Steampunk with 90-100 year old RCA 552 vacuum tube with 13 RGB’s. The ammeter is vintage with 2 RGB’s this give ever changing colors to both the meter and the clock.

All the copper and the concept come from my tiny little brain

Handmade items are not perfect and this is no exception. There are minor flaws that in my mind gives it character. Examine the photos carefully before buying.

When items are made from copper they are not perfect. There are dents and tool marks from either the construction or the original piece of copper plate that was used. These items aren’t made on a machine, they are hand made.

I have recently had a negative experience with a very unreasonable, nitpicking person that this concept was completely unable for him to understand.

If you are expecting perfection please don’t buy one of my clocks. If you expect a genuine handmade authentic steampunk clock, then you have found the right place.

Back to my normal introduction

Thank you for taking the time to consider my product. I’ve had an interesting life full of hobbies like wood carving, blacksmithing and copper work that I now use to create one of a kind Nixie Clocks.

I’ve seen them for years and wanted one for as long but the price and location of origin prevented me buying one because I worried about service if something went wrong

I make a high quality kit designed in Switzerland and have sourced NOS tubes. With the artistic help of my wife staining and beautifying the enclosures we now have a quality product that I would like to own and that I can sell with confidence. You can have a clock hand built in the USA from parts that are decades old but are new and being utilized for the first time in their lives.

The clock has a battery backup that keeps time to + or - 1 minute a year. However from my observations I would say it is much more accurate than that.

This is coming from a person who is a perfectionist and has CDO ( that’s OCD but in alphabetical order)

That level of obsessive precision goes into the building of your clock.

The design is a 6 digit display that every minute if you wish will display the date for 5 seconds and then scroll back to the time. The only word that works for a description is "COOL”

All the functions are set with one simple button. There are too many variations to describe here but be assured you can have this clock Your Way.

Tube life is lengthened by a blanking mode which you set when you are away and also an Anti Cathode Poisoning Feature that keeps the filaments clean and adds to the overall life of the tubes.

Inspired by the SteamPunk movement I’ve incorporated elements of copper and brass all handmade and unique to each clock.

We don’t allow returns but we do take very good care of our customers.

I treat our customers like I would want to be treated. If you have a problem contact information is included which allows your needs to be resolved to your satisfaction.

Check my response and you will see we have happy customers and we hope to include you in that group

Each clock is a work of joy. I find myself watching the clock instead of TV. Never had the passage of time been so fun.

The size is 10” wide by 8” deep by 13” tall

Again thank you for your consideration

If you do buy one of my clocks and you find a little joy in the experience please consider leaving a positive feedbac

If you search my YouTube channel. tuxedocatclocks and look at the latest short it will show the clock in action

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