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Metal Sign - 1963 NCR 315 Mainframe Computers -- Vintage Look For Sale

Metal Sign - 1963 NCR 315 Mainframe Computers -- Vintage Look

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Metal Sign - 1963 NCR 315 Mainframe Computers -- Vintage Look:

Made in the USAof sturdy and durable aluminum, thisMETAL SIGNgives the effect of aging with simulated rusted edges and scratched and faded paint. It is weatherproof and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
This sign comes in THREE DIFFERENT SIZES and PRICES.Make sure you select the CORRECT SIZE and PRICE that you want from the pull-down menu.
  • Each sign is handmade to your order in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Made of sturdy aluminum with a beautiful satin, non-glare finish.
  • Simulated rusty edges to give the effect of vintage aging.
  • Outdoor durable and weatherproof. Will not fade in the sun for many years.
  • Smooth rounded corners with four corner mounting holes.
  • FREE First Class shipping or you can upgrade to faster Priority Mail for $7.95.

We can also make this sign without the vintage aging effects.Just send us a separate email after you order. We will acknowledge your request. If we don't acknowledge your request for no aging within one day, WE DIDN'T RECEIVE IT. Please SEND IT AGAIN until we acknowledge it.

Our individually handcrafted signs are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, garages, man caves, cubicle walls, back yards, pool areas, indoors or outdoors. We have vintage ads, No Parking signs for just about every vehicle type, old political posters, funny sayings -- we're sure you'll find something for everyone! We have nearly 10,000 different signs available, so the best strategy to find one that you like is to search ourstorefor a keyword like "soap" or a year like "1961."

NOTE:While these signs may appear to have raised letters, textured rust or embossing, they are actually perfectly flat. These are images that are printed onto a metal sign. The texturing or embossing may look real, but these signs are totally flat and not textured.

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