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MEGATOUCH ION Aurora EVO Motherboard Asus K8N-VM/S Board Merit NOS New Unused For Sale

MEGATOUCH ION Aurora EVO Motherboard Asus K8N-VM/S Board Merit NOS New Unused
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MEGATOUCH ION Aurora EVO Motherboard Asus K8N-VM/S Board Merit NOS New Unused:

Motherboard Asus K8N-VM/S Rev 1.02G Socket 754 NOS for Merit Bar Touchscreen Trivia/Quiz/Skill/Memory/Erotic Coin-Op Video Game.This is an authentic OEM board manufactured for and originally shipped to the manufacturer of Megatouch games for distribution to game owners. Specific boards available here were manufactured in 2008 or later, the same time that the more limited little green Intel board was released. We do have the Intel boards too though (at competitive prices), so please contact us if interested. Thank you for reading the full description below... :)
If you are considering alternate non-original motherboards offered by another seller, keep in mind that it may trap you into forever using only the specific hacked software and keys for sale by that one seller. An authentic original motherboard can always run any original or keyless Megatouch software editions widely available from many sources or your own collection. As for the age of original motherboards, 2008 is nothing compared to the far older electronics that still work decade after decade in other games and applications as long as fans, heatsinks, airways, and thermal pastes are kept in good shape. One otherseller may criticize this board (and anything else that competes with what he sells), but we here promise no bias, no sour grapes, and strictly the most objective, friendly, honest info and technical support. Bottom line: We have never yet had a new-old-stock ASUS fail after proper installation out of dozens and dozens used in game repairs and re-build's for years.
If replacing a used/abused older ASUS, no extra tinkering to make a different board fit!! This is the one and only perfect Megatouch ION/Aurora motherboard for anyone who wants the option of both IDE and SATA drive connections along with the ability to play ANY game year from the first ION to the last, 2006 all the way to 2014! Old-school Megatouch fans know that some favorite games were removed after 2007.5, but the green Intel motherboard can only run 2009.5 or newer, and the older purple ECS motherboard is less reliable and doesn't have SATA ports. If you have multiple machines or use quick change keyless CF cards, I suggest putting 2006.5 on one for the funny old attract videos of real people playing at a bar, alternate graphics, and older games missing from 2014! :)
NOTE: If game software was originally installed onto a hard-drive connected to the 40-pin IDE port, you may have to reinstall the software to switch to using the SATA port. Recommended since getting rid of the wide IDE ribbon cable does help a bit with air circulation and crowded wiring, plus you won't need to squeeze-in a SATA to IDE adapter if updating to a SATA drive.
The green Intel motherboard may have a quieter fan, but it's an inexpensive disposable made cheap for industrial use. The Asus is obviously the higher quality more versatile desktop PC type board. The CPU chip is socketed and replaceable if it goes bad or for upgrades (the Intel's is not), the BIOS CMOS chip is socketed and replaceable (Intel not), there's a second back-up RAM slot (Intel not), and again, it runs all ION software editions (Intel not.) Don't pay more for less! Commercial gaming in public for profit is the hardest life a motherboard can face and if you've seen failing Asus boards, that's the reason. In the comfort of your home, a never before used or abused Asus might just last forever. We have all three ION motherboards (and more) on the shelf here, and the only one I choose for my own gameroom is Asus. In the distant future, if the electrolytic capacitors on any motherboard eventually fail, anyone good with a soldering iron can replace them. And, if the sound of factory original cooling fans is offensive to you, there are quieter coolers on the market to replace them.
We don't encourage novices to increase our sales!! IF YOU HAVE LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE BUILDING OR REPAIRING COMPUTERS, PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU HAVE A REPUTABLE PC TECHNICIAN TO PERFORM THE INSTALLATION, someone who we can speak to directly by phone if questions arise. Computer electronics are easily damaged by mishandling or improper installation, so NO REFUNDS-NO REFUNDS-NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, EVEN IF THIS BOARD DOES NOT FUNCTION FOR YOU, NO REFUND, NO PARTIAL REFUND EVEN IF BOARD SEEMS DEAD. PLEASE DON'T BOTHER WITH A RETURN REQUEST THROUGH , BECAUSE IT WILL DEFINITELY BE DENIED IN EVERY CASE..., but free, quick, friendly technical support and very friendly solutions including exchanges offered indefinitely. We will help you get your machine working one way or another! :) Experienced technicians, especially those who have purchased from us before, know what to expect and know what to do with this rare pristine NOS item. This new-old-stockK8N-VM/Smotherboard has been untouched and is still waiting safely in the original factory packing carton until the day we gently remove and pack it securely for shipping to you. Zero hours of use, zero overheating, zero swollen capacitors, zero hack solder joints, clean and pristine, just waiting for you to transplant the RAM and CPU chip/heatsink/fan from your old dead or quirky K8N-VM motherboard to this one. If needed, CPU & RAM sold separately.
USED game boards were subject to countless hours of use and abuse, especially overheating from dirt and grime-clogged heatsinks and fans. Clean your machine well, replace slow or noisy fans, and start fresh with this new motherboard that should last nearly forever with typical limited at-home use. We have many other Megatouch parts not necessarily listed on . Please don't hesitate tocontact us with questions!
The pictures here are representative of identical brand-new-old-stock boards available and are not necessarily the actual board you will receive. New-old-stock, but no warrantee. CPU chip/heatsink/fan, RAM, battery, and other accessories are NOT included. These items are more durable and in many cases can be removed from your non-working K8N-VM motherboard and re-used in this new board. If needed, we do offer CPU, RAM, user manual, drivers CD, PC backplate, and cables for sale separately. Please protect all computer electronics from static discharges (even those too small for anyone to feel) by grounding yourself immediately before and preferably during the touching of components. No returns, no refunds, but generous technical support available indefinitely. We cannot even begin to consider returns from nor offer refunds to anyone who is not an experienced and competent PC technician. We're happy to advise novices, but there are far too many failure points outside of the motherboard and especially in terms of handling and installation that we cannot possibly guard against or take responsibility for. If you have any questions, please inquire before buying.Thank you for your interest! Best of luck!
Megatouch Tips!: Keep EVO heat sinks and airways clean and all fans spinning at top speed! (Aim lowest fans to blow upward, top fans to blow out. If any doubt at all, replace fans with new ones.) Renew CPU heatsink compound if you're handy with that sort of thing. Be meticulous about layout of internal wiring and connectors so when you close the monitor cabinet, the electronics aren't being crushed nor interfering with fans. Replace CPU fan if self-test speed reports less than 3500rpm. Confirmthat power supply voltages are correct, and if the power supply gets very hot, replace with one rated for 250 to 300Watts or more, which runs cooler and helps all components last longer. Watch for bulging tops on failing can-shaped electrolytic capacitors, but don't replace them yourself unless you have significant soldering experience. If game does nothing at all when switched on, possibly just dead button cell CMOS battery on motherboard. Read about jumper-starting ATX power supplies (or write me), gently replace battery, connect a keyboard to the game's motherboard, startup with delete button pressed,set Fail-Safe Defaults, then set Optimized Defaults,set BIOS date and time, set ATAPI CD and HDD as first boot devices, set to Power-On after power failure. Exit saving changes. On Midway Infinity, no jumper-startup needed, just replace CMOS battery, press F1 or F2 at start-up, set time & date, set to Power-On after power failure, disable floppy A drive and set IDE as first boot device. Exit saving changes.

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