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Lot of 2- 2003 Memory Company \"Dale Earnhardt\" Christmas Ornaments (IOB) For Sale

Lot of 2- 2003 Memory Company \

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Lot of 2- 2003 Memory Company \"Dale Earnhardt\" Christmas Ornaments (IOB):

A Great Lot of 2 Dale Earnhardt Memory Company 2003 Christmas Ornaments. This Lot Includes Both Dale Earnhardt Ornaments Released that Year- Snowman and Santa. Both Ornaments Measure 5\" in Height and Come in Their Original Box with Their Original Packing. Both Ornaments are in Excellent Condition.I List Almost Daily, So Check Back Often for Newly Added Vintage or Rare Items.Jewelry:
-All Jewelry is Cleaned and Polished Prior to Listing. (with the exception of jewelry crafting lots)-All Jewelry is Magnet, Acid and Gem Tested Prior to Listing. (with the exception of jewelry crafting lots)-All Jewelry is Closely Inspected for any Missing Jewels or Other Damage. (with the exception of jewelry crafting lots and vintage wear)-Any Jewelry with Imperfections will be Noted in the Description. (with the exception of jewelry crafting lots and vintage wear)-All Jewelry Comes with a 30 Day Return and Refund Upon Return and Inspection of the Item.(with the exception of jewelry crafting lots)
-Vintage Wear is Defined as Minor Scuffs (metal, gems or stones), Fading Makers or Purity Marks, Missing Jewelers Tags, Gem Cloudiness, Minor Plating Fade or any Normal, Non-Catastrophic, Everyday Wear to a 30+ Year Old Piece of Jewelry.
-All Jewelry with Missing Stones, Broken Pieces, Missing, Broken or Non-Functioning Clasps, Extreme Pitting or Discoloration, Extreme Plating Fade, Broken Gems or Stones ( natural cracks in stones prior to the jewelry making process does not apply here), Single Earrings, Erosion or Any Other Extreme Imperfections That Will Take Away From the Overall Beauty and Functionality of the Piece Will be Placed into a Jewelry Crafting Lot for Recycling, Repair or Repurposing.
-All Jewelry Provenance is Through my Personal Research of the Piece. Please Keep in Mind There are a Million Jewelry Makers all with Different Makers Marks. Unfortunately, Sometimes Despite my Best Efforts I Can\'t Identify Some Pieces. These Pieces Will be Listed as Signed and a Photo of the Makers Mark will be in the Photos. Also Please keep in Mind Some Makers Marks are Very Similar to Others, So Human Error is Possible. Although I Will Not Place the Information in the Description Without a Certain Level of Comfortability in my Research and Findings.
-Jewelry Crafting Lots Consist of a Mixture of Vintage-New Pieces. There May be Possible Precious Metals, Possible Precious Gems, Possible Designer Signed Pieces, Possible Sets of Earrings, Possible Vintage-New Wearable Pieces (not guaranteed). There May Also be Broken Pieces, Pieces Missing Stones or Gems, Pieces Missing Working Clasps, Non Functioning Pieces, Pieces with Extreme Pitting or Fade, Single Earrings or Pieces with Chipped or Broken Gems or Stones (post jewelry making process). Jewelry Crafting Lots are Randomly Packed. Not all Jewelry is Tested or Inspected, So You May get a Literal Diamond in the Rough (not guaranteed). Jewelry Crafting Lots are As-Is and Do Not Offer Returns (due to some buyers cherry picking boxes and then returning what\'s left). Jewelry Crafting Lots are Meant for Recycling, Repairing or Repurposing.
-All Watches are Tested. Functionality (working or non-working) will be Listed in the Description. Any Imperfections Will be Listed in the Description. With the Exception of Watch Lots. Watch Lots Consist of Multiple Watches that May be Working, Non-Working, Needing Battery, Broken Face, Parts Watch, Movement Only, Missing Hands, Missing Bands, Missing or Broken Clasps, Pitting or Ones I just Didn\'t Have Time to Test. These Lots are Meant to Recycle, Repair or Repurpose. Although You May Find a Diamond in the Rough it\'s not Guaranteed. Watch Lots are As-Is and Do Not Offer Returns(due to some buyers cherry picking lots and returning the rest for refund)
-All Working Electronics are Listed as Working in the Description and Have Been Cleaned and Tested Prior to Listing.-All Non-Working Electronics are Listed as Non-Working or Parts Only in the Description and have been Tested Prior to Listing.-All Untested Electronics are Listed as Untested in the Description. These Items May or May Not Work (they were unable to be tested).-Electronic Lots Consist of Electronics Missing Components (power source, buttons, ect), Parts Only or Non-Working Electronics Or Electronics in Rough Cosmetic Condition.-All Working Electronics offer a 30 Day Return and Full Refund After Return and Inspection of the Item.-Electronic Lots and Non-Working Electronics are listed As-Is and Do Not Offer Returns.
-Media (vhs, dvd, video games, cassettes, cds, computer programs and games, records or reel to reel ) are All Inspected and Tested Prior to Listing . Condition is Listed in the Description. If Missing its Package or Inserts This is Listed in the Description. If it is in Rough Cosmetic Condition this is also Listed in the Description.
-Electronics will Have Disposable Batteries Removed for Shipping Purposes and are Not Stored with Batteries in Them.
Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic:
-All Glass, Porcelain and Ceramic Pieces are Cleaned, Inspected and Researched Prior to Listing.-Any Imperfections are Listed in the Description and Have Photos.-All Provenance is through my Personal Research. Again There is a Chance of Human Error Although Again I Won\'t put Something in the Description Without a Certain Level of Comfortability in my Research and Findings.-Please Remember Again There are Millions of Artists and Millions of Artists Marks/Signatures. If Through the Best of My Abilities I Can\'t Identify the Artist, I will List it as Signed and Provide a Copy of the Mark/Signature in the Photos.
-All Other Items:
-All Other Items Include Toys, Plush, Clothes, Metal Items (brass, bronze, aluminum, tin- figurines, plates, ect.), Wooden items, Puzzles and Board Games.-All Other Items are Cleaned, Tested and Inspected for Cosmetic Damage, Functionality, Missing parts and Overall Integrity.-All Imperfections Will be Listed in the Description.-All Other Items Offer a 30 day Return and Refund Upon Return and Inspection of the Item.
-New Items:
-All New Items will be Inspected Prior to Listing.-All New Items with any Box Damaged Will be Listed in the Description. If the Box Looks to Have Been Opened or Compromised it will be Listed as New Open Box. If it Looks like the Box Has Been Opened and the Item Has Been Removed it Will Not be Listed as New.-All New Items are Of Course Untested. If the Items Not Working it was Packaged that Way or Broke in Transit.-All New Items Offer a 30 Day return and Refund Upon Return and Inspection.
Shipping and Packaging:
-I Package All of My Items to the Best of Ability and Have a Very Low Breakage and Return Rate-I Offer Fast Shipping With the Lowest Shipping Rates Possible.-I Offer Combined Shipping on Multiple Item Purchases.-I Provide an Invoice/Tracking Number Upon Request.
Feel Free to Check My Customer Reviews. I Believe in Customer Service, If You Have Any Questions or Concerns Please Feel Free to Message me at Any Time. I Believe in Respect, Trust and Honor Between Myself and My Customer. I Believe in Offering Competitive Prices at Competitive Shipping Rates to My Customers. I Am Open to Offers on Most Items. If You Send a Lowball Offer I Will Decline the Offer as I Feel That\'s Disrespectful, Send a Decent Offer and I Will Accept the Offer or Work with You to Find a Happy Medium that Makes Us Both Feel Comfortable. If You Offer More Than the Selling Price or Ask Me to Do Anything Shady During the Sale or the Shipping Process, I Will Decline The Offer and Block You From Buying From Me. Trust is Important. If You Send an Offer and Fail to Pay for the Item Within a Reasonable Amount of Time (2 weeks is not a reasonable amount of time) I Will Cancel the Sale, Relist and Block you from Buying From Me. I Honor My Agreements with My Customers, I Expect Nothing Less in Return. Communication is Key, If You Need Extra Time to Pay or There is a Reason or Concern that Prompted a Very Low Offer, Please Message Me and I\'m Sure We Can Work Something Out in Most Cases.
*Shop, Have Fun and Remember, Check Back For New Deals* Thank You, Billy, TiggerPatch Vintage

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