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Kosher Ram Shofar Horn from Israel 14”-16" Traditional Half Polished Ram Shof... For Sale

Kosher Ram Shofar Horn from Israel 14”-16

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Kosher Ram Shofar Horn from Israel 14”-16" Traditional Half Polished Ram Shof...:

Brand NewKosher Ram Shofar Horn from Israel 14”-16" Traditional Half Polished Ram Shof...

  • ATTUNED TO BELIEF – Bask in the rich sound and significance of Holy Voice’s ram shofar horn! Handcrafted in Israel, your kosher shofar astounds with quality and testifies faith with each note.
  • SOUND THE SHOFAR – With haunting notes, your horn bugle beautifies the present and preserves the past. Place your lips to the mouthpiece and experience sound made possible by ancient artisanship!
  • UNIQUELY YOURS – Relish the singular splendor of your shofar! Each hand-picked, natural trumpet boasts distinctive character and a custom coating of fully polished, half-polished, or natural finish.
  • THE GREATEST GIFT – Pursuing the perfect Rosh Hashanah or Bar / Bat Mitzvah gift? Delight your loved one with a shofar from Holy Voice! Complete with a guide, your gift is sure to fill ears and hearts.


Holy Voice, Connecting Daily Life to the DivineFew household items, ornaments, or instruments will hold deeper meaning than your historical masterpieces by Holy Voice! Broadcast your belief with stunning works crafted to connect faith, fashion, and function in perfect unity. Instill significance into your every day with your ram shofar!Rich in Meaning, Complete in CraftsmanshipRevel in the look and sound of superior quality! Our team of experts ensure your kosher horn’s excellence from start to finish by carefully choosing, crafting, and testing each shofar. We handpick and produce your ram shofar in Israel, incorporating ancient techniques for significant design and superior sound. Your kosher shofar emits deep, mysterious notes that delight your ears and observe your ancestors. Wax coating adds durability and richness, while a customizable layer of full-polish, half-polish, or natural finish lets you make the horn your own. Adorn your home and attune to your faith with your Judaica horn!Special Pieces for Premium PlayingFully enjoy your playing experience with these features!Learn how to position your lips and produce sounds with your guide.Ensure odor- and growth-free blowing with your 1 oz. trumpet cleaner. Simply spray the mouthpiece, wait 3 seconds, and play!Easily scrub the inside of the ram horns with your anti-static, flat cleaning brush. Wipe the outside with a damp cloth for all-around freshness.Carry meaningful music wherever life takes you with your fleece bag.Give the Gift of Faith-Based BeautyKnow someone who would love a meaningful, timeless gift? Delight him or her with a ram horn trumpet from Holy Voice! With its breathtaking quality and hand-picked uniqueness, your gift is sure to be a favorite for years to come!Experience your faith anew with Holy Voice. Add a ram shofar to your cart today!

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