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Germanium Diode Crystal Radio Receiver Assembled with Earphone and V2 Amplifier for Sale - BlackberryFAQ.com
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Germanium Diode Crystal Radio Receiver Assembled with Earphone and V2 Amplifier For Sale

Germanium Diode Crystal Radio Receiver Assembled with Earphone and V2 Amplifier
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Germanium Diode Crystal Radio Receiver Assembled with Earphone and V2 Amplifier:

New Crystal Radio Design with 450uh CoilIncludes Radio, V2 Amplifier, 8ohm Earphone and Alligator Clips
Here are the Amplifier and Radio SPECS...----APMLIFIER----This is the Newest V2 Model with High Gain

May Increase the Volume Level by as much as 60%-100%


Youcan Use a Standard8Ω (8 ohm)Mono 3.5mm plug Earphonewith your Radio using this Amplifier

Includesa Quality Magnetic "transistor radio" Earphone and with3.5mm mono mini plug.

Theshape prevents the earphone from entering inside the ear canal.

Doesn'tconsumeany power when the Earphone is UNPLUGGED

(Youmust Remove the Earphone from the Output of The Amplifier toConservetheBatteryPower)


SimplyPlug in the Earphone into the Output connector of the Amplifier andPlug the Input side of the Amplifier Into your Crystal Radio and itis ready to go.



Crystal Radio has COLOR Matched Knob and PC BoardHigh Performance Germanium Diode
Requires a Piezo Earphone if you dont use the Amplifier (Piezo Earphone IS NOT INCLUDED)Crystal Radio's will only work with aPiezoelectric (Piezo)Earphones. Cell Phone Earphones, MP3 Earphones, Transistor Radio Earphones WILL NOT work becauseCrystal radios only work with high-resistance earphones.THIS RADIO COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED AND TESTEDMeasures 54mm x 96mm and is great for Beginners, Survivalists or Advanced Enthusiasts
Switch enabled 470uh Inductor expands the frequency Range to cover the entire AM Radio Band
Multi Layer 450uh Coil with Ferrite Core
NEWEST PCB Design allows you to connect earphone to the 3.5mm phone jack mounted on the PC Board.
Built in Audio Jack
Germanium DiodeCompact and Fully self-containedAlligator Clips are included for Quick and Easy ConnectionInstructions for getting the Operation Manual and Schematic will be provided after purchaseThis Radio is Fully Assembled and TestedEverything needed to listen to a fully functional crystal radio EXCEPT for the Antenna and Ground WireA minimum of a 50ft long outdoor Antenna Wire is recommended.The best configuration for a crystal radio antenna is to run the wire horizontally between two electrically insulated supports as high off the ground as possible . Search or the net to purchase a "Crystal Radio Antenna" Kit or to make your own..The reason you need a good length antenna is because the more antenna you have, the more power your set will receive, and the louder it will be.Antenna and Ground wire IS NOT Included
This kit is a great way to get started in electronics and radio building.Crystal Radio Kit is fun for both beginners and experienced enthusiastsParts Used In the Crystal Radio Package are as follows:
  1. Circuit Board 54mmx96mm
  2. Variable Capacitor with Knob and Mounting Screws
  3. 450uh Ferrite Core Coil
  4. Germanium Diode
  5. .001uf Capacitor
  6. 47K Resistor
  7. 470uh Inductor and LatchingSwitch
  8. Screw Leg Supports and Vinyl Feet
  9. 3.5mm Earphone jack is mounted on PC Board
If you live in a Fringe Location where AM Radio signals are poor or weak and you dont have room on your property for a 100 Foot long antenna, check out my store for my"AM Medium Wave Crystal Radio Antenna RF Amplifier High Performance".This amplifier Pulls in AM Radio signals like a Magnet.Here is the link to my

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