DIY LA 4440 Stereo Amplifier (20W+20W) PCB For Sale

DIY LA 4440 Stereo Amplifier (20W+20W) PCB

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DIY LA 4440 Stereo Amplifier (20W+20W) PCB:

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  • LA 4440 Stereo Amplifier (20W+20W) Dual IC PCB Board

  • Easy to Assemble, Not Required Expert Knowledge

    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) PCB

    • PCB Specifications

    • 1. Dimensions - mm x mm
    • 2. Thickness - 1.6mm

      3. Material - Bakelite epoxy

      4. Solder mask - none

      5. Anti-Oxidation Rosin Coat

      6. Manufacturer - CAD PCB

      7. Made in Sri

      Features of the circuit

      1. Professionally Designed PCB for the Best Quality Output and Stability.

      2. Designed to Minimize the Noise and for Maximum Power output.

      3. Assembly Guide is included in the kit.

      4. Easy to assemble no need an expert knowledge.

      5. 100% Tested for Quality and Stability.

      Instruction and Guide to assemble and test amplifier

      "Instructions sheet is included for assembling and testing the circuit"

      "Any Components is not included. This list just for reference only"