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Break Your Own Geodes Gift Box (8 - 12 pcs) Large Unopened Moroccan Crystals For Sale

Break Your Own Geodes Gift Box (8 - 12 pcs) Large Unopened Moroccan Crystals

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Break Your Own Geodes Gift Box (8 - 12 pcs) Large Unopened Moroccan Crystals:



Large Moroccan Quartz Geode Gift Box. This listing is for unbroken "Break Your Own" Crystals. The process of breaking these pieces is not only extremely fun and satisfying, it also yields some truly unique crystals. A great activity to do with friends and family leaving everyone with a lasting experience. These are stunning specimens for a crazy cheap wholesale price. Size range 1.5 - 3" +/-. Each box will contain at least 6 pieces and at most 8. Great Gift idea for any crystal lover.

How to break them effectively:We have several recommendations to maximize the beauty, shape and size of each specimen without blowing them into a million pieces. First you will need a small hammer and or chisel (We personally find just the hammer works best). Wrap one piece at a time in a cloth and slowly tap them with the hammer. Start at a low power tap and slowly increase the force until they crack. Some pieces require very little effort to break while others require a fair amount of force. Starting slow at first ensures you do not obliterate the more fragile specimens. Once you have heard them break, unwrap to find what beautiful unique crystal has been revealed. We also recommend protective glasses for safety precautions.

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