2 Axis 250-1000mm Digital Readout Display DRO Display Drilling Power Off Memory For Sale

2 Axis 250-1000mm Digital Readout Display DRO Display Drilling Power Off Memory

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2 Axis 250-1000mm Digital Readout Display DRO Display Drilling Power Off Memory:

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2 Axis Digital Readout DRO Display 1000mm and 250mm Travel Length Precision Linear Scale

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    This precision linear scale with DRO display kit includes 2 precision linear scales with lengths of 250mm and 1000mm (10 inch and 40 inch). Resolution of 5 μm (0.0002") at 20ºC.

    Basic Functions:

    1. Zero cleaning

    2. Reset

    3. Input Coordinates

    4. Inch/mm mode selectable

    5. ABS/INC mode selectable

    6. 1/2 centering

    7. SDM 200 sets memory

    8. R function

    9. R/D function

    10. Power-off memory

    11. Liner error compensation

    12. Close memory

    13. Sleep mode

    14. Clear 200 sets SDM datum

    15. Calculator

    16. Circumference drilling

    17. Oblique line drilling

    18. Inclined plane machining

    19. Circular arc machining

    20. Lathe function(match)

    21. Rectangular lumen gradual processing

    22. Digital filtering


    • Power-off memory for ten years
    • Power source and signal resists disturbance
    • 8 bit LED High-definition nixie tube
    • Vibration and digital filtering
    • Anti-interference resistance with high speed
    • 2 precision linear scales included. Lengths: 1 x 250mm+1 x 1000mm (10 inch+40 inch), 5 μm (0.0002") resolution (at 20ºC)
    • Complete set with a digital readout DRO display meter (2 axis) with high precision
    • The digital readout display meter system is equipped with a variety of intelligent functions: SDM 200 sets memory, bevel processing, power-off memory, circumference drilling, oblique line drilling, 1/2 centering,etc. Also a calculator is equipped for more convenient usage
    • The linear scale DRO kit is a necessary device for industries including mould manufacturing, machining and precision measuring instrument
    • Precision linear scale with digital readout, applicable for milling machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, lathes, profile projector, microscope, video measuring machine, movement control, position monitoring, coordinate measurement, X-Y working table monitor, mechanical control as well as other area of linear scale and rotary encoder