BlackBerry Operating System Downloads

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Carrier Region Network
20:20 Europe GSM
3 Australia Asia Pacific GSM
3 Indonesia Asia Pacific GSM
8.ta South Africa Africa GSM
AIS Thailand Asia Pacific GSM
Aircel Asia Pacific GSM
Airtel Burkina Faso Africa GSM
Airtel Chad Africa GSM
Airtel Congo Brazza Africa GSM
Airtel Gabon Africa GSM
Airtel Ghana Africa GSM
Airtel Kenya Africa GSM
Airtel Madagascar Africa GSM
Airtel Malawi Africa GSM
Airtel Niger Africa GSM
Airtel Nigeria Africa GSM
Airtel Tanzania Africa GSM
Airtel Uganda Africa GSM
Airtel Zambia Africa GSM
Alaska Communications Systems North America CDMA
Alegro Ecuador Latin America/South America GSM Alfa Lebanon Middle East GSM
Alltel Wireless North America CDMA
AMC Europe GSM
Antel Latin America/South America CDMA
Appalachian Wireless North America CDMA
AT&T North America GSM
AT&T (Mobitex) North America Mobitex
AXIS Indonesia Asia Pacific GSM
Azercell Azerbaijan Asia Pacific GSM
Batelco Middle East GSM
Beeline Europe GSM
Bell Mobilité Inc. North America CDMA
Bell Mobility Inc. North America CDMA
Bermuda Digital Latin America/South America CDMA
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Bite (Lithuania & Latvia) Europe GSM
Bluegrass Cellular North America CDMA
Boost Mobile North America CDMA
Bouygues Telecom Europe GSM
BrightPoint Europe GSM
BrightPoint Australia Asia Pacific GSM
BrightPoint India Asia Pacific GSM
BrightPoint Malaysia Asia Pacific GSM
Brightpoint Philippines Asia Pacific GSM
Brightpoint SE Asia (Indonesia Generic) Asia Pacific GSM
Brightpoint Singapore Asia Pacific GSM
Brightstar Europe GSM
Brightstar Hong Kong Asia Pacific GSM
Brightstar Taiwan Asia Pacific GSM
BT Italy Europe GSM
BT Mobile Europe GSM
BTC Latin America/South America GSM
C Spire Wireless North America CDMA
Cable & Wireless Channel Island Europe GSM
Cable & Wireless Ltd Latin America/South America GSM
Cable & Wireless Panama Latin America/South America GSM
Cable & Wireless, UK Europe GSM
CamGSM (Millicom Cambodia) Asia Pacific GSM
Carolina West Wireless North America CDMA
Carphone Warehouse Europe GSM
CBeyond North America CDMA
Celcom Malaysia Asia Pacific GSM
Cell C Africa GSM
Cellcom North America CDMA
Cellcom Israel Ltd. Middle East GSM
Cellular One North America GSM
Cellular One of East Texas North America GSM
Cellular One of NEPA North America CDMA
Cellular South North America CDMA
Centennial de Puerto Rico Latin America/South America CDMA
Centennial Wireless North America GSM
China Mobile Peoples Telephone Asia Pacific GSM
China Telecom Asia Pacific CDMA
China Unicom Asia Pacific GSM
Chunghwa Telecom Asia Pacific GSM
Cincinnati Bell Inc. North America GSM
Claro Argentina Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Brasil Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Chile Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Ecuador Latin America/South America GSM
Claro El Salvador Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Guatemala Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Honduras Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Jamaica Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Nicaragua Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Panama Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Paraguay Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Peru Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Puerto Rico Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Republica Dominicana Latin America/South America GSM
Claro Uruguay Latin America/South America GSM
CloseCall North America CDMA
Comcel Latin America/South America GSM
Comunicaciones Nextel de Mexico Latin America/South America iDEN
Coriolis Europe GSM
Cosmote Europe GSM
Credo Mobile North America CDMA
Cricket Wireless North America CDMA
Dialog Sri Lanka Asia Pacific GSM
DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Asia Pacific GSM
Digicel Latin America/South America GSM
Digicel Pacific Asia Pacific GSM
DigiTel Latin America/South America GSM
Djezzy Africa GSM
DOCOMO (Japan) Asia Pacific GSM
DST Brunei Asia Pacific GSM
Dobson Cellular/Cellular One North America GSM
DTAC Thailand Asia Pacific GSM
du Middle East GSM
Element Mobile North America CDMA
Entel Bolivia Latin America/South America GSM
Entel PCS Latin America/South America GSM
Eplus Europe GSM
ETEX North America CDMA
Etisalat Middle East GSM
Etisalat Egypt Africa GSM
Etisalat Misr Middle East GSM
Etisalat Nigeria Africa GSM
Euskaltel Europe GSM
Fido North America GSM
Free Mobile Europe GSM
GCI North America GSM
Geocell Georgia Europe GSM
Gibtelecom Europe GSM
Globacom Nigeria Africa GSM
Globe Telecom, Inc Asia Pacific GSM
Globul Europe GSM
GO mobile Europe GSM
Grameenphone Asia Pacific GSM
Guamcell Asia Pacific GSM
H3G Ireland Europe GSM
H3G Italy Europe GSM
H3G Scandinavia Europe GSM
H3G UK Europe GSM
Hong Kong CSL Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Hutchison Asia Pacific GSM
Hutchison Essar Limited Asia Pacific GSM
ICE Latin America/South America GSM
Idea Asia Pacific GSM
Illinois Valley Cellular North America CDMA
I-Mobile Plus Asia Pacific GSM
Indosat Asia Pacific GSM
Ingram Micro Europe GSM
Ingram Micro India Asia Pacific GSM
Inland Cellular North America CDMA
Intcomex Latin America/South America GSM
Intercity Holland Europe GSM
Inwi Africa GSM
Iusacell Latin America/South America CDMA
i wireless North America GSM
Jersey Telecom Europe GSM
Koodo North America GSM
KPN Europe GSM
Leaco Wireless North America CDMA
Long Lines North America GSM
Loop Mobile Asia Pacific GSM
LuxGSM Europe GSM
M1 Asia Pacific GSM
M3 Latin America/South America GSM
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Manx Telecom Isle of Man Europe GSM
Maroc Telecom Africa GSM
Mattel Mauritania Africa GSM
Maxis Asia Pacific GSM
Mcel Mozambique Africa GSM
MegaFon Russia Europe GSM
Meteor Europe GSM
Metro PCS North America CDMA
Millicom Central America, Paraguay and Bolivia Latin America/South America GSM
Millicom Colombia Latin America/South America GSM
Millicom Ghana Africa GSM
Mobicom Mongolia Asia Pacific GSM
Mobilecom Jordan Middle East GSM
Mobilicity North America GSM
Mobilink Asia Pacific GSM
Mobilis Africa GSM
Mobiltel Europe GSM
Mobily Saudi Arabia Middle East GSM
Mobistar SA/NV Europe GSM
Mobinil (Orange Egypt) Africa GSM
Mobitel Asia Pacific GSM
Moldcell Moldova Europe GSM
Moov Bénin Africa GSM
Moov Côte d’Ivoire Africa GSM
Moov Gabon Africa GSM
Mpulse Asia Pacific GSM
MTC Namibia Africa GSM
MTC Touch Middle East GSM
M-Tel Bosnia ( SPRSKE Bosnia) Europe GSM
MTN Benin Africa GSM
MTN Cameroon Africa GSM
MTN Cyprus Europe GSM
MTN Ghana Africa GSM
MTN Nigeria Africa GSM
MTN South Africa Africa GSM
MTN Swaziland Africa GSM
MTN Uganda Africa GSM
MTN Zambia Africa GSM
MTS Asia Pacific CDMA
MTS BWA North America CDMA
MTS Mobility North America CDMA
MTS Russia Europe GSM
MTS Ukraine Europe GSM
Nawras Oman Middle East GSM
Nex-Tech Wireless North America CDMA
Nextel Brasil Latin America/South America iDEN
Nextel Communications Inc. North America iDEN
Nextel Comunications Argentina S.A. Latin America/South America iDEN
Nextel del Peru S.A. Latin America/South America iDEN
Nextel Partners North America iDEN
NTELOS North America CDMA
Nuevatel Bolivia Latin America/South America GSM
NWMC North America CDMA
O2 Ireland Europe GSM
O2 UK Europe GSM
OI Brasil Latin America/South America GSM
Oman Mobile Middle East GSM
Omnitel Lithuania Europe GSM
ONE Macedonia Europe GSM
Open Mobile Latin America/South America CDMA
Optimus Portugal Europe GSM
Optus Mobile Pty Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Orange Austria Europe GSM
Orange Belgium Mobistar Europe GSM
Orange Botswana Africa GSM
Orange Caraibe Asia Pacific GSM
Orange Dominicana Latin America/South America GSM
Orange France Europe GSM
Orange Ivory Coast Africa GSM
Orange Jordan Middle East GSM
Orange Madagascar Africa GSM
Orange Moldova Europe GSM
Orange Netherlands Europe GSM
Orange Poland Centertel PTK Europe GSM
Orange Romania Europe GSM
Orange Sénégal Africa GSM
Orange Slovakia Europe GSM
Orange Spain Europe GSM
Orange Switzerland Europe GSM
Orange Tunisia Africa GSM
Orange UK Europe GSM
Orascom Tunisiana Africa GSM
Outremer Africa GSM
Panhandle Communications North America CDMA
Partner Europe GSM
Partner Communications Israel Middle East GSM
Payless Cellular Fantasy North America CDMA
PCCW Mobile Asia Pacific GSM
Pelephone Middle East GSM
Personal Latin America/South America GSM
Personal Paraguay Latin America/South America GSM
Pioneer Telephone North America CDMA
Play Mobile Poland Europe GSM
Plus Albania Europe GSM
Polkomtel Europe GSM
Porsche Design – Africa Africa GSM
Porsche Design – Europe Europe GSM
Porsche Design – Middle East Middle East GSM
Porsche Design – North America North America GSM
Porta Latin America/South America GSM
Proximus Belgacom Mobile Europe GSM
PTI Pacifica Inc. Asia Pacific CDMA
Qool International Limited (Hong Kong) Asia Pacific GSM
Qool Labs Pte Ltd Asia Pacific GSM
Q-tel Qatar Middle East GSM
Redington Asia Pacific GSM
Reliance Asia Pacific GSM
RINA North America CDMA
Rogers Wireless Inc. North America GSM North America GSM
Safaricom Kenya Africa GSM
SaskTel North America CDMA
SETAR Latin America/South America GSM
Siminn Europe GSM
Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd Asia Pacific GSM
SK Telecom Asia Pacific GSM
SMART Communications Inc. Asia Pacific GSM
Smart Telecom Asia Pacific CDMA
SmarTone HK Asia Pacific GSM
Solo Mobile North America CDMA
SouthernLINC Wireless North America iDEN
Sprint L.P. North America CDMA
StarHub Ltd. Asia Pacific GSM
STC Saudi Arabia Middle East GSM
Sun Cellular Asia Pacific GSM
SunCom Wireless North America GSM
Sunrise Europe GSM
Swisscom Europe GSM
Taiwan Mobile Asia Pacific GSM
Tango Europe GSM
TBayTel North America CDMA
TDC Denmark Europe GSM
Telcel Latin America/South America GSM
Tele2 Latvia Europe GSM
Tele2 Lithuania Europe GSM
Tele2 Netherlands Europe GSM
Tele2 Sweden Europe GSM
Telecable Europe GSM
Telecom New Zealand Asia Pacific GSM
Telecom Personal Latin America/South America GSM
Telecom Serbia Europe GSM
Telecommunication Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) Latin America/South America GSM
Telecomunicaciones Movilnet C.A. Latin America/South America CDMA
Teleena UK Europe GSM
Telefonica Latin America/South America GSM
Telefónica O2 Germany Europe GSM
Telefonica Spain Europe GSM
Telefonica Venezuela Latin America/South America GSM
Telenor Denmark Europe GSM
Telenor Hungary Europe GSM
Telenor Norway Europe GSM
Telenor Pakistan Middle East GSM
Telenor Serbia Europe GSM
Telenor Sweden Europe GSM
Telesur Latin America/South America GSM
Teliasonera Denmark Europe GSM
Telispire North America CDMA
Telkom (Orange Kenya) Africa GSM
Telkomsel Indonesia Asia Pacific GSM
Telma Madagascar Africa GSM
Telstra Asia Pacific GSM
Telus Mobility North America CDMA
The Phone House France Europe GSM
The Phone House Germany Europe GSM
The Phone House Netherlands Europe GSM
Thumb Cellular North America CDMA
TIM Brazil Latin America/South America GSM
TIM Italy Europe GSM
Tigo Asia Pacific GSM
Tigo Senegal (Sentel) Africa GSM
TMIC Cambodia Asia Pacific GSM
TMN Europe GSM
T-Mobile Austria Europe GSM
T-Mobile Croatia Europe GSM
T-Mobile Czech Republic Europe GSM
T-Mobile Germany Europe GSM
T-Mobile Hungary Europe GSM
T-Mobile Macedonia Europe GSM
T-Mobile Montenegro Europe GSM
T-Mobile Netherlands Europe GSM
T-Mobile Poland Europe GSM
T-Mobile Slovak Republic Europe GSM
T-Mobile United Kingdom Europe GSM
T-Mobile USA North America GSM
Transatel France Europe GSM
Trigcom Europe GSM
Trilogy Dominicana Latin America/South America GSM
True Move Asia Pacific GSM
TrueMove-H Asia Pacific GSM
Truphone UK Europe GSM
Tunisie Telecom Africa GSM
Turkcell Europe GSM
U.S. Cellular North America CDMA
Ufone Pakistan Middle East GSM
UMC Ukraine Europe GSM
Union Wireless North America GSM
Unitel Mongolia Asia Pacific GSM
UTL Uganda Africa GSM
UTS Latin America/South America GSM
Verizon Long Distance LLC North America CDMA
Verizon Wireless North America CDMA
VIP Mobile Serbia Europe GSM
VIP Operator Macedonia Europe GSM
VIPnet Croatia Europe GSM
VIVA Bahrain Middle East GSM
VIVO Latin America/South America GSM
Viaero North America GSM
Vidéotron North America GSM
Viettel Vietnam Asia Pacific GSM
VIPnet Croatia Europe GSM
Virgin Media Europe GSM
Virgin Mobile Canada North America CDMA
Virgin Mobile France Europe CDMA
Virgin Mobile USA North America CDMA
Vodacom South Africa Africa GSM
Vodafone Australia and Fiji Asia Pacific GSM
Vodafone Germany D2 Europe GSM
Vodafone Egypt Africa GSM
Vodafone Essar Asia Pacific GSM
Vodafone Greece Europe GSM
Vodafone Hungary Europe GSM
Vodafone Iceland Europe GSM
Vodafone Ireland Europe GSM
Vodafone Italy Europe GSM
Vodafone Malta Europe GSM
Vodafone Netherlands Europe GSM
Vodafone New Zealand Asia Pacific GSM
Vodafone Portugal Europe GSM
Vodafone Qatar Middle East GSM
Vodafone Romania Europe GSM
Vodafone SFR Europe GSM
Vodafone Spain Europe GSM
Vodafone Turkey Europe GSM
Vodafone UK Europe GSM
VTR Latin America/South America GSM
Warid Pakistan Middle East GSM
Wataniya Kuwait Middle East GSM
West Central Wireless North America GSM
Wind Hellas Europe GSM
Wind Italy Europe GSM
Wind Mobile North America GSM
XL Indonesia Asia Pacific GSM
Yoigo Europe GSM
Zain Jordan (Fastlink) Middle East GSM
Zain Kuwait Middle East GSM
Zain Saudi Middle East GSM
Zantel Tanzania Africa GSM
Zong Pakistan Middle East GSM