How to Add Themes

Adding Themes to 7100, 7200 and 8700 Devices Running 4.0 Software

Thanks to Jibi of for compiling this tutorial

* Note: First and foremost, many thanks to all of the people involved with laying the groundwork for the public consumption of themes installation on BlackBerry devices.

I have set up a few different methods for installation and delivery, including and OTA configuration and a option-based ALX/COD installation.

  • Over-The-Air:

This method allows you to download the theme directly to your handheld without using a PC. Each individual COD file has been broken down to child COD files that will range in size from about 20KB-80KB. The success rate for these files should be near 100% unless you are in a very low signal area.

  • ALX/COD:

I have taken the time to make an ALX file that sets a top level installation of ‘BlackBerry Themes’ with separate installations for each theme (see screenshot below). This method allows you to pick and choose which themes you want to install rather than forcing you to install all of the themes specified in previous ALX installations. I have both the 7100 and 7200 series in the single ALX file, but only 8 will show for either in Application Loader – one file fits all (or something like that).

The available themes are shown below on their respective handheld devices (7100g and 7290 are shown):


7290_themes (1)

The themes can be found below (separated by delivery format):



Please let me(jibi) know if something does not work with the installation procedures. I can only test under so many different circumstances, but hopefully there won’t be any issues with any of these. I have not used my new domain all that much, so I’m not sure whether or not my hosting provider has any sort of stability for this website. If such a situation does happen to arise from this posting, I will take my business to a new hosting provider (I will not remove these links).

If anyone would like to mirror these, I will be more than happy to pass the files on to someone else. I have 100GB of bandwidth per month, so I honestly don’t see it coming close to surpassing my designated limits.

* Note: To use the Orange theme on the 7100 series handhelds, you must first install the Default Small Icons theme. To use the O2 theme on the 7200 series handhelds, you must first install the Default List theme. I believe thats all of the requirements, but if all else fails, simply install until the others work. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am a very active member on this forum, and within the BlackBerry community, so I will definitely attempt to answer any and all questions, should they arise. If something goes wrong during your installation of any of these themes, and you end up having to wipe your handheld, please do not point the finger at me. These themes are provided as is and should be loaded at your own discretion.

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