Missing Sync vs. PocketMac

Sync Options for the Mac – Missing Sync vs. PocketMac

    • Pros:

1. More reliable syncing of calendars, contacts and to-dos (as reported in the forums)

2. Ability to sync music and photos to certain BlackBerry handhelds.

    • Cons:

1. Cannot install applications to handheld.

2. No support for Browser Bookmarks.

3. Installs standalone notes app.

    • Pros:

1. “Official” Blackberry sync client for Mac.

2. Supports PIN field in Address Book.

3. Makes good use of Mac resources (Safari bookmarks, stickies for notes).

4. Can be used to install/uninstall apps on device.

    • Cons:

1. No support for calendar alarms, timed to-dos.

2. Many reports of unreliable sync in forums.