Wallpaper sizes for BlackBerrys

To create wallpaper for your BlackBerry, follow these pixel dimensions for “pixel-perfect” fits.

  • 72xx series- 240 x 160
  • 71xx series- 240 x 260
    • The O2 theme visible image size is 240 x 185 with 75 pixels covered by the info bar.
      Scale your image to 240 x 185 with a canvas size of 240 x 260. Anchor the image at the bottom of the canvas.
  • 8100 series- 240 x 260
  • 8300 series- 320 x 240
  • 8700 series- 320 x 240
  • 8800 series- 320 x 240

Load the wallpaper image to your device either by emailing it to your BB, or media transfer.

Save to your picture album, and then select the image you wish as your background wallpaper and click to SET AS HOME SCREEN IMAGE.

If you need a freely distributed image editing application, you might try the Gimp.