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Painting DIY

Painting a Blackberry can be a difficult task, simply because most Blackberrys are made out of color dyed plastic. Some of the best looking painting cases I have seen were either done with automotive paint or, the best one thus far, is actually covered in gold, by the well known Jacob the Jeweller, as seen […]

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BlackBerry Hardware FAQ

BlackBerry Hardware FAQ The world of BlackBerry has alot of aftermarket support, Find BlackBerry Frequently asked questions related to hardware Here. Bluetooth Headsets OEM Accessories Aftermarket Accessories Aftermarket Cases Bluetooth GPS Bluetooth Keyboards Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

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Wifi Terminology

MAC Address: The Media Access Control address is a hard-coded or physical address present on anything that accesses the Internet. Your wireless router has one, your UMA capable handset has one, the backbone router your ISP uses probably has many, etc. It consists of a 48-byte address in the format nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn using the hexadecimal number […]

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BES Implementation FAQ

Blackberry Enterprise Server has 3 Implementation Schemes: Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Blackberry Enterprise Server for Lotus/IBM Notes Blackberry Enterprise Server for Novell Groupwise Each of these products require different procedures in order to properly configure them. Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Prerequisites: Microsoft Active Directory Environment (with DNS working correctly) Microsoft Exchange […]

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What are the TCP and APN settings?

Setup the APN by going to Options >> Advanced Options >> TCP and enter the following information based on your carrier. A special thanks to Mark Rejhon @ BlackBerry Forums Rogers APN: Username: (blank) Password: (blank) Note: If this does not work, call Rogers and get the “ Access Point Name” added to your […]

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Methods of Receiving Email on BlackBerry

What Are The Methods of Receiving Email On BlackBerry? This is an article that was originally written by Mark Rejhon on I noticed on several forums that this is a commonly asked question. So I am posting. There are several ways to get emails into a BlackBerry. BlacKBerry does not use a conventional email […]

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